60 Minutes To…A Handmade Valentine’s Day Tee

Life’s been a little busy lately to say the least. Although I’d love to have the whole house decorated with cupids, the DIY valentines made from scratch, and several homemade heart-shaped treats ready to hand out to all the neighbors, let’s be real. None of that has happened!

I did get the craft bug though last weekend and wanted to make something for my daughter to wear for Valentine’s Day. I had three criteria: it had to be quick, require no trips to the mall or fabric store and wow my daughter so the Justice-loving girl would actually wear it!

I spotted her black & white stripe dress that was on my sewing table to be fixed. I figured, if we were lucky, we would only get a few more months out of it anyhow since the 5T size was starting to shrink on my 6 1/2 year old (I refuse to admit she is griowing) , so it was the perfect candidate for embellishing. Then I turned to my old standby – a pom-pom- embellished tee (similar to the candy corn one I did for Halloween mimicked after the pom-pom shirts J Crew sold last summer). After grabbing my trusty glue gun and a bunch of leftover Christmas pom-poms, we were set.

It’s not brain surgery to create. Just pencil out a heart and start filling it in with the pom poms. I laid them out first and then started gluing them one by one. You will want to make sure to squish them together as you glue so they are tightly nested inside the heart shape. I like combining different colors as well as the glitter and plain pom-poms.

And learn from my lesson. Put the t-shirt, tank or dress on FIRST and trace out your heart so you know where to put it. Admittedly, mine is a little low for my taste. But no way was I going to redo it…it’s for a six year old for gosh sake. This weekend was beautiful and I would rather play with my kids outside then be ripping hot glued pom-poms off a dress!

Any mishaps lately that you’ve learned to just toss aside? Especially for us OCD folks, It’s liberating, huh!

Happy Crafting!

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