Friday Fun & Finds…Perfect White Tee, A Marble Racer & My 2012 Mantra

This Friday’s Fun & Finds is filled with a bunch of different goodies – from some Valentine’s Day ideas, to fashion must-haves, to my new mantra. If you click on the links, they will take you to the original post.

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back next week with a fun tutorial on how to organize those pesky headbands (and maybe more depending on how the week goes!)!

For Mama: New Fave White T-Shirt

Source: J. Crew

There is nothing better than a fresh white t-shirt. My mom and I had been eyeing this one at J. Crew and we finally broke down and bought it. Worth. Every. Penny.

For Hubby: Scratch-Off Valentines Day Cards



This concept of creating custom scratch-off cards is fun not just for Valentine’s Day but also for making chore cards for the kids. Each week they could scratch off their special chore. Hmm…this may be a future blog post!

For My Belly: Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Source: Savory Sweet Life

This was a pretty strong name for a cookie so I had to try the recipe after reading about it on Savory Sweet Life and Two Peas and Their Pod. The secret is in the creaming of the butter and sugar so follow this recipe exactly! It is unbelievable and worth every calorie.

For My Mind: My 2012 Motto

Source: It Works for Bobbi

All women could learn a bit from this. Saw this on one of my favorite blogs Little Lucy Lu and this describes my New Year resolution perfectly. Even better…it is a FREE printable so I plan to print my mantra out and hang proudly in my office.

For My Wild Tinys: A Marble Racer


Source: FamilyFun

Our house is blessed with a very large staircase so I can just see this luge creating hours of entertainment for my wild three year old and his older sister.

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One comment on “Friday Fun & Finds…Perfect White Tee, A Marble Racer & My 2012 Mantra

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    marla says:

    Love that white shirt too!! Fun Friday list :)

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