Fun & Finds Fridays…My Go-To Birthday Gifts

I love not only shopping for the perfect birthday gift, but I love seeing the reaction that my hubby, best friend, or daughter gets on their face as they open the present. But it can be a challenge, especially when you have very little time to shop, and when you do finally get out, more often than not you are browsing the aisles with your stroller hitting the racks and wee ones asking when for your phone or when they can go to the Disney store (or in my daughter’s case, Justice).

That is why I find it helpful to have an arsenal of go-to birthday gifts that can be quickly ordered online. I’ve even been known to stock up on these and hide them in my “birthday” closet in case my mama brain forgets about a birthday that is approaching.

Happy Shopping & see you on Monday with a week dedicated to my favorite season…fall!

FOR MY HUBBY - Rumplestreet Family Sign - $175 – $295

This typography sign is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can surprise your hubby with. It is filled in with important dates, places, names, and memories that summarize our life together. I hung it in our home office and whenever I look at it, I am reminded of where we’ve been and where we’re headed as a couple and as a family. Also makes a heartfelt anniversary gift!

FOR THE GIRLFRIENDS (AND MOM) – Towne & Reese Jewelry- $15 – $55

Source: Towne & Reese

OK gals…my secret is out. All the cool jewelry I’ve been wearing lately – this is where I get it from. Towne & Reese is a jewelry company started by two mompreneurs – best part, nearly ever piece is under $50! In full disclosure, this is my client, but even if they weren’t, they are absolutely my favorite go-to accessory brand.

FOR NEWBORNS – Typography Birth Print - $19

Source: etsy

As you saw from the large wooden sign above, I have a love affair with typography. And no where is it as precious as in a nursery. There are hundreds of vendors on etsy who create these, but this is one in particular I like as it is clean and simple. Plus it comes printed on high quality paper (some are PDFs that you have to print at home). All you have to do is just pick up a really cool frame with a mat and you have the most thoughtful treat to surprise mom & baby as they settle into their new life.

FOR TODDLER BOYS – Imaginets - $30


For boys who love to create things but aren’t quite at the lego stage yet, these magnetic geometric block pieces are the perfect toy. They come with cards that allow the kids to create the same objects using the color coordinated magnetic shapes. Plus it comes in its own sturdy carrying case so mommy doesn’t have to worry about corralling the pieces.

FOR TODDLER GIRLS – Not Bored Any More Art Jar – $29

Source: Land of Nod

Curb the “I’m bored, mom” whines with this jar filled with everything from pom-poms, to pipe cleaners to glue pens, construction paper and craft sticks. And a little secret that we don’t want the brilliant Land of Nod creators to know…you can find a similar one at Michael’s for about half the cost.

FOR GIRLS 5-7 YEARS OLD – Olliegraphic Chore Chart - $10 + cost of frame

Source: Olliegraphic

Anything from Olliegraphic is ADORABLE, but Mom will really thank you for this chart that is personalized to look just like your little girl. Print out the chart on cardstock and buy a frame (use your Michael’s coupon) and a dry erase marker and you have an adorable wipe-off chore chart.

FOR BOYS 5-7 YEAR OLD – Make Your Own Kaleidoscope - $34

Source: Uncommon Goods

Part art project, part building project, the Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set
allows kids make their own one-of-a-kind looking glass.

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2 comments on “Fun & Finds Fridays…My Go-To Birthday Gifts

  1. 1

    I’m definitely getting a Rumplestreet Sign for my husband for Christmas – that’s outstanding. At our wedding we named each of our tables after places we’ve lived and visited, this sign will be a perfect gift.

    Btw, my new Zella pants arrived today (got one of their hoodies yesterday) and I still take compliments on my crazy toenails (those Sally Hansen decals you introduced me to!). Okay, slow down on the great ideas, Heather – your blog is getting expensive for me! :-)

  2. 2
    Kenia Chapen says:

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