60 Minutes To…Popsicle Ring Pops

One of our most favorite summer traditions is to let the kids eat a frozen treat outside after dinner. We take the dog on a walk, I sip my chardonnay and the kids lick and drip their sticky goodness all along the sidewalk and down their summer tees. But, I still want them to go to bed at night so I don’t want to give the tinys popsicle and ice cream chock full of the dreaded high fructose corn syrup.

We’ve all made frozen popsicles before and there are a TON of them on Pinterest right that look completely delicious.

But I think simple is best. And even better when you can make the presentation a little different.

Have you seen these new ring pop molds? They sell them at Sur La Table and Amazon , but guess what, I just found them at Marshall’s a few weeks ago for half price so check there too.

You could fill them with virtually anything, but why not use what you probably already have. Fill with yummy juice, homemade lemonade or yogurt from Trader Joe’s. Or use the leftovers from your morning smoothie. If you want to get out some equipment, puree watermelon in a blender, strain it, then add agave. Making adult versions would be yummy too .. maybe a mojito or margarita version?!

What is your favorite popsicle recipe?

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